Powered subwoofer box - 120W 

When mounting space is critical, the solution is M-SW680 the ultra small powered subwoofer.

M-SW680 has a special 6 x 8 inch quad coil drive and despite its very small volume  performs a deep bass and a very good dynamic range. The side panel provides easy access to high level or line inputs with auto-sensing function and sound controls.


Ingombro minimo, grande sound 

L’ingombro di soli 280 mm x 195 mm con altezza di soli 77 mm permette di collocarlo in vani ridottissimi dove altri prodotti sarebbero impossibili da installare. Il corpo in alluminio dona grande rigidità per un ottimo controllo delle risonanze.

Minimum footprint, great sound 

The 280 mm x 195 mm footprint with a height of only 77 mm allows to place it in very narrow  spaces where other products would be impossible to be fitted. The alluminim body assures greath stiffness for a good resonance reduction.

  • High level auto-sensing input
  • RCA line input
  • Crossover filter, phase and gain controls
  • Remote level control
  • Driver size 6x8 inch
  • Power 120 Watt RMS
  • Frequency response 30 Hz - 150 Hz
  • Signal to noise ratio > 100 dB
  • Input sensitivity: RCA: 90 mV > 2.9 V
  • Input sensitivity high level: 0.5 V > 10 V
  • Power consumption max: 15 A
  • Operating voltage: 9 - 15.5 V
  • Size: 280 mm - 195 mm - 77 mm

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