Dedicated installation kit for FIAT Ducato III, Citroën Jumper II and Peugeot Boxer II.

Plug & Play installation kit dedicated for FIAT Ducato III, Citroën Jumper II and Peugeot Boxer II, supplied with wiring harnesses with recovery of the steering wheel controls, finishing mask and DAB antenna.

6.8-inch multi-media radio unit with CarPlay & Android Auto and online navigation.

Dedicated to those who want perfect smartphone integration with the infotainment system.

DL7000D allows you to connect the latest generation smartphones via the USB socket via CarPlay and Android Auto.

Radio, DAB +, navigation, telephone, music and much more are managed comfortably and safely from the steering wheel and voice commands.

Note: The kits shown for Fiat Ducato are not compatible with vehicles equipped with the original radio and navigation system.


Il tuo copilota preferito


CarPlay è il modo più avanzato per collegare un iPhone al tuo sistema di entertainment Macrom. Permette l'accesso ad una varietà di funzioni dello smartphone come musica, messaggistica e navigazione. L'iPhone può essere controllato attraverso la voce, o attraverso l’interfaccia utente del nostro prodotto. CarPlay va ben al di là quanto fatto in precedenza con un interfaccia utente “eyes-free” che usa l’assistente vocale di Apple, Siri, accessibile con un tocco del pulsante di controllo vocale per la maggior parte delle funzioni.

The Ultimate CoPilot

CarPlay ™ is the most advanced way to connect an iPhone to your Macrom car entertainment systems. It allows access to a variety of the smartphone’s functions such as music, messaging and navigation. The iPhone can be controlled via voice, or through our products user interface. CarPlay ™ goes far beyond previous connectivity solutions with an “eyes-free” interface through Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, accessed by a touch of the voice control button allowing to control most of the functions.
android auto

Lasciati guidare...

Android Auto porta le applicazioni più utili del tuo telefono Android al sistema di entertainment Macrom, in un formato che ti permette di rimanere concentrato sulla guida. È possibile controllare navigazione, chiamate, messaggi di testo e musica con l'assistente vocale, accessibile semplicemente pronunciando "OK Google". Android Auto supporta Google Maps.

For the road ahead

Android Auto ™ brings the most useful apps of your Android phone to your Macrom car entertainment systems in a format that makes it easy for you to keep your main focus on driving. You can control things like navigation and maps, calls and text messages, and music using Android voice assistant, accessed simply pronouncing “ok google”. Android Auto™ supports Google Maps and Waze™ the turn by turn navigation service that connects drivers to one another avoiding the frustration of sitting in traffic or get tickets from speed traps.

Google Maps
Goole Play Music
  • AM / FM radio with RDS, TP and AF
  • DAB / DAB + radio 
  • USB media                                                                                                                                                                           -Front for connecting Car Play and Android Auto mobile devices.                                                                                         -Rear for playing music / video / picture files 
  • CarPlay ™
  • Android Auto ™ 
  • Bluetooth handsfree with address book
  • Bluetooth streaming audio
  • GPS receiver
  • Video input for rear camera
  • SWC support (resistive protocol)
  • Size 2 ISO (93 x 172mm)
  • Capacitive 6.8-inch WVGA display
  • Supported audio formats: MP3 / WMA / FLAC
  • Supported video formats: MPEG / AVI / DIVX / JPG
  • Graphic equalizer
  • Subwoofer cut level and frequency control
  • 4 + 1 PreOut
  • 4x40 Watt amplification

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